Southern Basadi Mutipurpose Cooperative Limited

Co-operative Description:

Southern Basadi Multipurpose Cooperative Limited comprises of 6 black members. 3 women and 3 men who are based in Johannesburg South, Region F. It is made up of a team who are very passionate about producing expert and professional services.

We comply with the following documents:

B-BEE, TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE, COID, UIF and Business Bank Account, CIDB, Business Public Liability Policy no: 0T16933
Our Core Business is:
1. Construction, All General Building and works, Renovations, Painting, Tiling, Fencing, Paving, Glazing, etc.,
2. Landscaping, Litter Picking, Weeding and Greening, Horticulture, Refuse, Rubble Removal and Reycling
3. Cleaning, Building Maintenance and up-keep of premises, Carpentry, Roofing, Ceilings, Door Hanging, Lock Replacements, Carports, Gates and Garages.
4. Plumbing, Pools Maintenance, Drainage, Leakage Sealing, Repairing of all kinds of plumbing
5. Farming, Agri-farming of vegetables and herbs as well as Agri-processing, packaging and bottling for sales
As well as Civils
1. Roadworks, concrete structures, concrete mixing, laying of sidewalk paving,
water channelling, roadside water drainage, sewage maintenance, excavating, roadside piping, bridgework, road signage, dam maintenance…etc.

Co-operative Name :
Southern Basadi Mutipurpose Cooperative Limited
Type of Cooperative :
Primary Cooperative
Registration number:
Year of registration:

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