This is a self-managed website driven by co-operatives. All democratic, values-based, member-driven registered co-operatives committed to the Solidarity Economy can self-register on this website.

Any individual can also subscribe to the website for notifications about new co-op listings or existing co-op updates.

1. Create An Account


Creating an account with SEM Network is easy.

Click on Add your listing or Login/Register. Switch tab to Register (new user). Enter a Public username, then enter an email address you have access to. Lastly a password that you will not forget.


2. Submit Your Coop

Submitting a listing using SEM is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy. Click on Add your listing . Fill out all the relevant fields. Keep in my mind that certain fields are compulsory.


3. Confirmation then go live!

Once you have submitted your coop check your email for a confirmation link. Once your email is confirmed your listing will be sent for approval to the site admin. once approved your listing will be live!! Once live you can share you Coop listing on Facebook or twitter.