Solidarity Economy Movements

Solidarity Economy Movements are committed to advancing systemic change from below in their communities and working spaces. This includes waste-pickers, informal traders, the unemployed, small-scale farmers, education NGOs, support organisations and cooperatives. Solidarity Economy forces are seeking to transform production, consumption, savings and ways of living to sustain life and advance transformative values in their practices. Pathways are being built that intersect with Food Sovereignty, zero waste, transition towns, participatory community planning, socially owned renewable energy and more. SEM forces are building a future world now. They are constituting power as systemic power, movement power, direct power and symbolic power through their practices. Solidarity Economy is a people’s idea and is being championed through various movements that network loosely, share practices and knowledge and have a common vision. Unity is about common purpose and building from below. This is a twenty-first-century movement of movements, a network of people’s power